Monday, January 24, 2005

History: Executing a program in DOS

A common trick in the old days was to execute an application from within another. Here is some code example of how that was normally done:

.model tiny

ExecBlk	Struc
	Psp	dw	?
	Cmdline	dw	?
	CmdSeg	dw	?
	FCB1	dw	?
	FCB1seg	dw	?
	FCB2	dw	?
	FCB2seg	dw	?
ExecBlk	ends

	org	100h

main	proc
	lea	bx,pspblk
	mov	sp,bx
	call	resize	

	mov	execb.psp,0		; copy our environment
	mov	execb.cmdline,80h	; pass command line as is
	mov	execb.FCB1,5ch
	mov	execb.FCB2,6ch
	mov	execb.cmdseg,cs
	mov	execb.FCB1seg,cs
	mov	execb.FCB2seg,cs
	lea	dx,execf
	push	ds
	pop	es
	lea	bx,execb
	mov	ax,4b00h
	int	21h
	mov	ax,4c00h
	int	21h
main	endp

resize	proc
	add	bx,15
	mov	cl,4
	shr	bx,cl
	mov	ax,cs
	add	bx,ax
	mov	ah,4ah
	int	21h
	jc	merr
resize	endp

execf	db	"PAT.COM",0		; ASCIIZ pathname of file to be execd
execb	ExecBlk	<>
_stack	dw	1000h dup(?)

pspblk	label	byte

	end	main

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